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Enter the School ID provided by your school or parent group. Then, select the pack for the grade your child will be in next school year.

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In just a few clicks, purchase all the supplies your child's teacher requested.

Delivered for the First Day

Packs delivered to your school or home based on your school's decision.

Saving Parents Time & Money

Say hello to one-stop-shopping for your back-to-school needs. Items and brands approved by your school and teachers.

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PTPA Seal of Approval

Parent Tested Parent Approved Award

Spend more time enjoying school break when you shop our convenient school supply packs. You can be confident with school supplies from EPI because our program is a Parent Tested Parent Approved Award Winner. Plus, all our items and brands are teacher-tested and approved.

EPI is the Inventor of School Supply Kits

Over 40 years ago Jim and Kay Stapleton, a Principal and Assistant Principal at schools in Texas, saw how parents struggled with back-to-school shopping and thought there must be a better way. So, they invented the school supply kits that we know today being customized by school and grade level.

Started as a family business, the Stapletons grew EPI and eventually retired. Today, much of the EPI leadership team worked with the Stapletons and still believe in their vision to help parents and schools save on school supplies. Now over 1 million students start school every year with EPI school supply packs and the EPI family continues to grow and innovate.

Even though we are the largest prepackaged school supply company in the U.S., we strive to keep that same small business mindset to serve every customer one at a time and work diligently to meet their needs. We pride ourselves on the amazing family we are building and continue to stay passionate about you, our customers, and do everything the way you all would expect.